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Featured Artist: Maureen Haworth

 The Haworths


Maureen is one of 4 siblings. Now living in Grand Forks in Southern B. C , Canada, Maureen has continued singing and over the past few years has begun to write and record Gospel music.

2015 Award winning and Covenant Award nominee. She feels extremely blessed to be able to mix her love of God with her love of singing and song writing.

Visit her on the web @


Featured Artist: Elvis Carden

 Elvis Carden


Elvis is a member of BMI, CMA, ICMA, VVA, VVMF, VF, American Legion, etc., and owns Guitar House Records Inc. which won "Label of the Year" in 1990. Elvis' first recordings, "Vietnam Blues" and "Loving a Soldier", originally recorded in 1967, won Patriotic Song of the Year in 1990. In 2005, Elvis won the COMA International Male Recording Artist of the Year.

You can visit him on the net @



Carmella Inchierchiera, Award Winning Songwriter.


Tall Timber Antique Medicine Show


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