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Welcome To the CMG Global Radio Network website! We are a Global Distribution Center for Syndicated Radio Shows. We Network together Global Radio Stations, Disc Jockey's, Show Hosts, Show Presenters, and Professional Radio Personnel. We are building the Dreams of Tomorrow for Indie Recording Artists and Songwriters! Our CMG Global Radio Club provides for it's members a means by which to reach out to the entire globe with their Songs, Biographies, Promotional Advertisements such as Banner Ads, Personal Social Network information and so much more in the way of Global Promotions.

CMG Radio is owned and operated by The Cramer Multi Media Group and is a Distributor of Indie Artists Music via our CMG Global Radio Network, BSM Global Radio Network, CMG European Radio Network and the CMG Asian Radio Network.. The Daily lineup of shows are made up of independently owned and operated shows, from Presenters, DJ's and Radio Station Owners. The shows you will hear are all syndicated on various stations and radio networks.

CMG Global Radio Club Members from all around the world receive preferential promotions of thier music throughout our combined radio networks. We invite all Indie artists and songwriters to join the club and become an active member by getting to know one another, share songs, ideas and more importantly share the vision of Indie Music! Members enjoy the interaction with one another as well as all of the great promotional services that are offered to our members.

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Billy Dean

Wounded Warrior Ft. Billy Dean / By: Roger Stephens

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Wounded Warriors The Movie

Polisihed Nails  (940) 569-9066

Carmella Inchierchiera

Kayla Taylor Kayla Taylor "See You In Summer"

Tall Timber

Gary Clardy

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